The Audi S4 has a four-door sedan body, with a 2.0-liter TFSI (turbocharged) engine and eight-speed tiptronic transmission

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Automobile mechanics are the skilled people who fix, maintain and repair cars. They also assemble cars from all their parts before they are sold to customers.

Mechanic car is a new project of Audi which will be introduced with AI technology. This car will be able to detect errors and faults in its systems and repair them on the spot. The company has already announced that the car will have an artificial intelligence system that is capable of repairing faults on its own if it fails to achieve this in time.

The demand for automotive industry is expected to grow by 3% over the next five years, as more people get into buying cars, per Forbes report.

With the rising demand of cars, the number of mechanics has increased. They need more time to fix a car and hence have become less available. The auto industry is now looking for new ways to fix cars. Artificial intelligence can help them with this and make them more efficient.